It is not common to see a black-white book fly around. Anyone who ventures into such must have a really keen interest in children because they are the target audience of such author. It is imperative for a burning question to arouse: why black or white?

Babies do not Distinguish Colours

Oh yes! You read that right. How is it even possible for them to distinguish colours when they have been used to only two shades: light (white) and darkness (black). Every baby has the ability to spot the difference between white and black, even from the womb. However, it takes them several years before they can identify their first primary colour which is usually red. 

Now that this fact has been established, it is important to develop the sight of your baby. 

How to Develop the Eyes of Your Child
It is important to aid the development of your child’s eyesight because it coordinates their movements. There are different ways of developing your child’s eyesight: 

● Purchase toys that have the black and white colours. This is necessary because it is not difficult for children to be able to differentiate between high contrasting colours since they are familiar. You should avoid introducing pastels early on because these littluns aren’t used to coloured powder pigments. Note that this is applicable to the earliest stages of infancy. 

● Introduce primary colours by 2 months. At this juncture, your child is comfortable with staring at you. Now, you can introduce the primary colours (blue, red, green). They can appear on dresses or toys. 

● More colours please. Between 3 and 6 months, your child should get accustomed to more colours as they develop the accuracy of the eyesight. 

● Eye examination. When your child nears 8 months, it is normal for such child to produce tear to keep the eyes moisturized. Ensure you visit an ophthalmologist to check for possible defects. 

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