Follow along to learn how to draw this cute Pandacorn step by step, easy. A Pandacorn is a mythical creature made from a Panda and a Unicorn. Cute animal!  

Art for kids, drawing video tutorial lesson

9 easy steps for drawing cute Pandacorn animal

1. Draw a circular shape, but do not end the circle on the left side below. Draw a small circle in the middle and close to the bottom. The small circle should be close to the place where you have not finished the larger circle.

2. Draw arms and legs. One hand should cover a place where you have not completed a larger circle. Hands and feet are black, so you will not see a line that defines both individually.

3. Draw the ears. They should start at 10 and 2 hours and end at 8 and 4.


4. Draw black around the eyes and nose right below. The top of blackness should begin right where the ears end.

5. Connect the legs to define the body and add eyes.

6. Detail the ears and legs. Just insert the semicircles into the ears and the ovals in the legs.

7. Add a couple of hair to your head.null

8. Shadow in the fur black.

9. Add few magical items - stars, clouds, rainbow and of course one horn!

Howdy? I’m Pandacorn and I’m happy to eat my bamboo.
Enjoy what you painted :)

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