Does your child find it easy to make friends or do they face challenges?
Do you want to help them forge new friendships and understand how they work?
This children’s picture book will help!

Making friends is one of life’s pleasures and an important part of our self-esteem as we grow up. The best and longest friendships are the ones where our friends love and accept us for who we are, rather than us changing to fit in with what we think they want.

This picture story book, Cloud Making Friends, is written in rhyme and follows a cloud as it changes into different creatures in an effort to fit in with them. It is a fantastic self-confidence book for young and preschool kids that will teach them all about friendships and the social skills that surround them.


Composed in a fairy tale style and beautifully illustrated, it is perfect for boys and girls and is designed to build their self-esteem and show them that being yourself is the most important part of friendship and in order to be loved and to find true loyal friends you need to love yourself and help those in need.

Great as a bedtime read, Cloud Making Friends will help your child to see the value in being true to themselves.

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