There are many reasons why  Origami is one of the most accessible and easy-to-use entertainment methods, it allows children and adults to share an activity that can turn out to be an entertaining and fun challenge for everyone.

If your kids get bored often during their free time, keep in mind that making origami figurines can be a great way to make the most of their time to spare and you can all have a great time bringing all kinds of paper creations to life.

In this post we will focus only on  9 Reasons why Origami is the best way to play with children:

1. It improves coordination
When developing any manual art, as in the creation of an  Origami figure; hands play a fundamental role, so this activity has the power to improve coordination and motor development. 

2. It favors the capacity of attention

Children who dedicate part of their free time to  Origami must fold the paper carefully so that their figures are perfect, this makes them pay a lot of attention to all the details and improve their concentration.

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3. It stimulates imagination

Making  Origami means setting your imagination free in search of the most striking, groundbreaking and original figure. That's why stimulating creativity is another of the benefits of making  Origami figures. Without a doubt, it is an outstanding advantage of this fun and enjoyable activity suitable for all audiences.

4. It encourages artistic expression

During the practice of  Origami  making, children exercise their skills, and once they go from being beginners to a greater level of difficulty, they already have basic concepts of this art, this allows them to create new designs taking their ideas to paper.

5. It enhances memory

Improving the memory of children and adults is another of the advantages of making  Origami figures. When creating these small works of art, it is necessary to remember all of the movements you should make in your mind so that everything comes out according to the model you are following.

6. It improves mathematical ability

Mathematical reasoning is not only reflected in numbers and it can be stimulated through the practice of  Origami  making. When children make their first folds, they are making their first calculations with as much precision as possible. They can also identify the geometric figures in each fold.


7. It improves communication skills

If your child has attention difficulties, is hyperactive or has any difficulty expressing his ideas, the practice of  Origami making will help him or her to overcome those problems; the focused and relaxed state of the mind will make them avoid feelings of restlessness, anxiety, fears, and other problems. Stimulating them to share their worries and desires naturally.

8. It reinforces self-esteem

The creation of paper figures is an educational game with different benefits in countless areas. The incredible art of  Origami is an effective method to reinforce children's self-esteem; since they feel able to create something with their own hands, they feel motivated to continue learning and testing.

9. It reinforces the ability to solve problems

Normally, in tasks, there is a pre-established answer and a way to get it. But unlike normal tasks, the art of  Origami making allows children to solve something that is not prescribed and allows them to correct their actions if they have made a mistake. 
The most interesting thing about Origami is that you can make completely personalized figures for any time of the year. At Christmas time, for example, you can decorate your home with hundreds of figures created by your children with their own hands. In the  Easy Christmas Origami Book, you will find fun ideas that will help you get down to work and make the most of all your imagination and that of your children. 

What do you think about the benefits of making origami figures for children? This is a fun activity that has advantages not only for them but for the whole family. Would you like to practice Origami with your family?

Download, print and cut out this adorable origami reindeer for your child and have some fun to make Christmas show!