Finger puppets are children's toys, considered as a didactic means of extraordinary value that educate and entertain, they are a fun and simple teaching method that can be used by children of ages, the choice of animals is great.
Finger puppets offer children the opportunity to create in their minds and with their hands, making it easier for them to express their ideas, feelings, and represent experiences of daily life. It also encourages creativity, as it is the children who decide what the puppets will say or what actions they will represent.


Click here to download the free printable finger puppets.

One of the reasons why puppets are an effective teaching method is because they can be used by children of different ages, adapting to their qualities, tastes, and ways of thinking. Finger puppets allow each child to use their creativity in their own way.
Creating of puppets can be led by anyone: A school teacher, parents looking for fun ways to teach their children, but an easier way is to look for the excellent options available in stores or on the Internet.

Puppets for pedagogical purposes
The use of puppets allows the development of creativity and imagination, increases the capacity of attention, stimulates the concentration of the child, instructs them on values such as tolerance, generosity, or kindness. It is also easy to acquire and available to all children. It stimulates the child's understanding since he or she has to interact with the characters. For all these reasons, puppets are a good pedagogical and educational elements. Not only do they teach the child through play, but they also convey a moral message to the child.
Puppets for the development of expression

The use of the puppet as an expressive technique is very important because it allows the child to improve his language, enrich his vocabulary, learn to listen to others, create his characters, make with his hands and manipulate his puppets by the character he has decided to create, or the environment he has decided to use, this expands the child's ability to express himself, as he learns to communicate his interests and thoughts with better ease.



7 benefits of animal finger puppets:

1. They add to verbal development: they allow children to speak, improve their language, enrich their vocabulary, and learn to listen to others. It helps shy children to open and communicate more easily.

2. They increase the capacity of attention: it is necessary for children to be attentive and to observe the details of the stories that they are developing, to create their characters.

3. They make teaching easier for children of ages: they allow children of all ages and characteristics to share their experiences together and create stories.

4. It stimulates participation: it gives each child a character, facilitating coexistence, and allowing each puppet to be given the personality they ant, this allows children to express themselves more fluently.

5. They can be made by the children themselves: The creation of puppets is not a complicated job but can be easily done. Allowing children to develop their ability to create manual art.

6. They develop creativity: because the child will have to create his characters, and the plot of the story, this helps him exercise his creativity, in a fun way.

7. They help to apply and justify the rules of discipline: it encourages values, and rules either within the classroom or at home.

Have fun creating these original puppets, inventing your stories, simply print, cut, and paste. Create your puppet theatre and let the show begin!

Click here to download the free printable finger puppets.