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How I started my writing

My name is Arnold Mintz, I was born on the 7th of March 2014 in the sunny state of Florida. Recently, I celebrated my 5th birthday and I haven't had time to do that much in my life. I am really happy to have my first book published at Amazon this year.

Some time ago my mom gave me a present – a black-and-white toy panda, it was with me all the time – day and night. I couldn't even share this toy with my younger sister because I loved the panda so much! I kept collecting new information about the life of these beautiful animals and one day I started making pictures with them. So this was how my first book appeared. I hope it'll help you love pandas the same way I do. And I still have to tell you the truth, my dad did help me a lot with that…

Мое изображение
Мое изображение

I want to help all wild animals

How did I come up with this story, you ask? My Dad and I are spending a lot of time together. I love it when he reads books to me since we get to improvise together and invent new stories. This book is a result of one of those improvisations. On that beautiful day I was sitting at the beach with my Dad and my little sister watching the sea, the sun and seagulls. I remember how fun it was to chat and come up with our own new story.

I remembered the story and retold it to my friends. They all loved it so much that my Dad and Mum suggested that I’d share it with children around the world. So I really hope that not only children, but also parents will find this story interesting and entertaining. I also want this book to help all wild animals – there are not so many of them are left on our planet. Pandas are really loosing their homes - it is true. I want all Pandas and other wild animals to have a home. That is why I want to send a dollar from every book sold to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. I hope that when I grow up a bit more I’d be friends with Pandas, Elephants and Gorillas just like Ellen!

My first Origami book for kids

In this one of a kind children's book, you will get to know Professor Foldini, the owner of the magic shop, and join his ventures. Along the way, you and your children will learn how to create beautiful origami artworks, bond with your kid, and expand their imagination and creative mind!

Good Morning, Son! Mr. Mintz
Good Morning, Son! Mr. Mintz

About "Good Morning, Son!"

"Good Morning, son!" is charming, best-selling book introduces adorable animals - panda, mouse, camel, tiger, snake, bear, featuring high-contrast black-and-white illustrations perfect for babies from birth to age two. Studies have shown that infants respond more readily to contrasting black and white images, making this book an ideal choice for the youngest of eyes. This book combines the 2 things that never fail to hold a new baby's interest: faces & contrast. FREE on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Paperback $12.99.


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Free Printable Activities for Kids

The free printable activities for kids include printable mazes, hidden pictures, connect the dots, color by numbers, blank faces drawing page, easy origami and more fun printables for preschool and kindergarten.